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  1. It was fine, just the last day, you know?
  2. Well at least you wont work there anymore, sounds like that job was a terrible expirience.

    But still going out on a bad note cant be fun.

    I saw my friend's paycheck (he got me the job), and It was like 360 dollars.
  3. Okay. Today was my last day on the job, and it sucked. There was no soda to stock, and everyone looked at me like it was my fault. I don't buy the soda, I just put it up...
  4. Well, I'll work 6-9 PM on Thursdays, and 9 AM to 5PM on Saturday.
  5. I don't understand how could could be full-time during school unless you just worked weekends or something.
  6. Cool, in the past two days I've learned 3 new tricks on my trampoline:
    360 McTwist.
    180 Backflip.

    And, I went to that job, and right now, they don't have a full time job (so for now I'm a fill in if someone doesn't come to work), but when school starts, 3 people are leaving and I get a full time job.
  7. It does suck. Very much so.
  8. That's gotta suck.
  9. Oh you're evil.
    Yes I will. School starts on August 5th. And you know the special gig in that club in California? Well I got the email saying I was invited, but I didn't reply because on the 4th I have to do a stupid assembly for student council and all the new freshmen. Motherfucker. You don't want to know how pissed I was when I saw the date.
  10. what day does it start?
    mine starts in september. i swear to god i am going to tell you that every chance i get

    But then your gonna use it against me when your school gets out a month before mine, arent you?
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