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  1. haha. crazy dog.
    one time, i hit a ball into the neighbor behind us's yard, and they have a dog thats really lazy. it was right beside the ball but i didnt think it would do anything, so i went and grabbed the ball. but when i turned around i heard barking so i started running toward our fence. right as i was about to reach it, i looked into the park behind their hose and found out it was a dog in the park, but i was still scared shitless. so instead of climbing their compost and jumping the fence like i normally did, i just hurtled over the fence, didnt even touch it. although thats no longer a big feat, i was like 7 at the time so the fence was fucking huge to me.
  2. Haha.
    There was the time I tried to build the ultimate fort, but then I ran out of nails so I had to stretch a tarp from the tree I was using as support to the half-fence I built. It looked like crap, but if you sat in it in the rain you wouldn't get wet.
    When I was about four there was a dog living next door that scared me so bad so I drew a picture of a giant bubble blower that could carry the dog away. Afterward someone told me that wasn't possible. I was so heartbroken...
  3. haha.
    the friend i beat has plans to make an uber-tricycle. like, you know those rock climbing cars that have the crazy roll cages? it looks like its gonna resemble that from his drawing.

    But then again, he was planning to make some uber street luge thing out of a board shape he made in about 5 minutes (at that camp, but like, before we went to the actual camp) and some fiberglass bodyshape (his uncle or something fiberglasses stuff).
    all he ended up with was a shitty short board
  4. I think once I tried to make a go-kart out of a skateboard and a cardboard box. Then I upgraded to a dog crate on top of a skateboard. Then all my materials were taken away once I fell in the middle of the road in a dog crate and my mom didn't want me to get run over.
  5. i think my fastes time was somewhere around 3.6 something seconds
  6. The fastest thing I've done like that was a rubber-band car I helped build in Science Olympiad.
    It lost.
  7. i really want to go 3 for 3, but it doesnt start till january. i think its all in the reaction time, because my car was not the fastest this year. the year before though, i would always be behind, and right at the end of the track when they would start to lose speed, i would keep up my speed and pass at the last second
  8. yeah lolol :P
  9. He got owned.
  10. I was at a camp the day before, and at some point i was hit in the nose. i dont know why it didnt bleed till i was sleeping though.

    the upside is, the camp i was at was this camp, where for 3 months prior, we build model cars out of wood and bondo. then at the camp we race them on this huge race track. i was in heavyweight class (4.5 pounds to 12 pounds) and my friend was in light weight. the year before, i had won the heavyweight class, and i got the fastest time (which earned my 87 bucks or somthing), so he wanted to beat me this year. he goes up (lightweight is before heavy) and comes in 2nd for light class, and had the current fastest time. so what do i do? i win the heavyweight again (2nd year in a row), and just beat him for fastest time (this time getting my 133 bucks). he was so pissed off
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