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  1. I really have mixed feelings about the whole trip. I have a bad sunburn and mosquito bites everywhere, but I almost caught a catfish. Somebody I didn't know complimented my Offspring t-shirt that I was wearing while my brother and I were wading through the water, looking for stuff.
  2. shitty. or good?
  3. No, my mom got sick and we had to come home.
  4. is that why you came home early?

    i was prepared when i went snowboarding. i bought three charged batteries for my PSP.
  5. The worst thing about camping was when my MP3 player ran out of batteries. I was like NOOOOO!!
  6. It's in the postcount thread.
  7. OMFG i want to see it!
  8. I wanted to, but how are we going to get to Boston?
    I took a picture of a lake monster for you.
  9. we should kill that person

  10. Kitties are so cute. Someone in Boston had microwaved one and it lived. They have to amputate its ears and tail, but it'll be fine.
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