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  1. oh no i been pwned
  2. Yes.
    I just drew a dog wearing a Santa hat that I'm going to use as my avatar. Damn me, wanting to belong.
  3. Even the "?" mark that shows up when people don't have an avatar?
  4. Anything pwns mine, I spent like two seconds on it.
  5. It pwns yours...
  6. ...I am going to ignore the fact your avatar has a Santa hat....
  7. Well, if the song I posted last night is any indication...

    Haha, but I did stage that pic
  8. I hope you're actually making music and not just senselessly banging.
  9. Haha, yeah

    I assume you at least read Thomas' thread. It inspired me to make my own .gif:

  10. Aha, now I remember. That guy got OWNED.
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