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  1. she had 2, a grey one and a calico, but she still has more to come. she had them last night around 10-11. and then she basically shut off her labour. they are very cute, especially when they meow lol
  2. Wow that's amazing! I came back from camping early so, did she have them? Are they cute?
  3. OMFG my cats gonna have her babies any second! shes like panting real hard and meowing every second pretty much. we just have to get her calmed down and she'll have them. i dont want to be there when it happens though. i think ill go to my room now until it happens, or somewhere else.
  4. Every time my radio talks about punk it's always Green Day. There were other bands, ya know!
  5. yay my radio just mentioned Offspring! at 2 in the morning! nothing special, theyre talking about punk and grunge in the early ninties (you know the story, about green day, rancid, and offspring etc helping punk back then) they were one of a few bands mentions.
  6. I wish my dogs listened to me like that.
  7. my cat has this big box under our kitchen table that shes supposed to have them in, and every time you go "you gonna have your babies soon?" she runs into the box and sits in the back corner.
  8. The first time my female dog (haha, she's a bitch) had puppies, we didn't know when she was going to have them and then one was born on the couch. Now she's too old to do much else than sleep.
  9. my cat is gunna have kittens within the next few days, maybe even tonight!
  10. My dog's a nut. He was sleeping on the bed, jumped off, then started sleeping again next to my chair. I have some weird dogs...
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