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  1. Yaaah.
    Facebook is weird. At least it's less confusing that MySpace, since there's barely anything on your profile.
  2. nice. make a mosh
  3. Good idea. Just give it to the DJ, saying "here's all your shitty rap" and when he puts it in, Bad Habit comes on.
  4. make a mixed cd with the same cover as whatever you are suppose to play, and dontlet them see it up close where they can tell its fake.
  5. I should. Don't know how, though, with the rest of student council there.
  6. you should put good music in the machine.
    or break it.
  7. Well I was elected into student council for the next year of high school and now I'm required not only to go to the dance, but to set up the machine that plays the shitty music. Not cool.
  8. no one listens to the good stuff so i'd say no.
  9. Like I said, I don't go to dances anymore so I wouldn't know if they played good rap.
  10. shitty.
    it was a good day when i found out there was good rap lol
    like the rap in Tony Hawks games
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