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  1. Exactly the same here.
  2. rap, but shitty rap like solja boi or however the fuck its spelled, and slow songs like hey there delilah
  3. What kind of music do they play at your dances?
  4. it was kinda lame though because our principle was watching us and told the DJ to tell us to stop.
  5. It was horrible and everyone was laughing at me because I never wear skirts.
    I wish I got to do that. Sounds like fun. I tried starting a mosh at a dance once and got in trouble. Now I don't go to dances anymore, and since they usually have some of the school's local bands playing I go outside and watch them.
  6. skirt=lame.

    at our dance we all huddled in a circle and tried to break glow sticks open. then i just pinched mine and the glow stuff shot all over the roof and everyone (including my friends that wore suits so they could be pimps). we also started a mass mosh.
  7. At my promotion dance I was forced to wear a skirt, but in return I wore a South Park T-shirt under my frilly nice one. At the dance I took off the frilly shirt and ran around hitting people with balloons and throwing empty water bottles at them.
  8. yeah it was at our GR.8 grad dance, exept our dances were just short of raves
  9. You all look like you're having fun in that picture.
  10. since im on my PSP and it takes forever to load FB, i wont be able to accept till tomorrow.
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