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  1. wow. i had to actually type out all the BB code for that. it took like 15 minutes
  2. EH?1010101010
  3. ...Um, I think I started a thread about that place back in March. The place is called Rockin' Pizza and the only reason I go in there is for the Offspring stuff.
    I was just about to say your sig kicks ass until you brought it up.
  4. Hey Thomas said this (it wont allow quotes, so here):

    "There's a pizza parlor in Tucson that has 2 of these from smash and one from ixnay. THey also have a bunch of autographed stuff and pictures with the band. There is one case on the wall from the Ixnay tour with tickets, backtage passes, flyers, and a pair of Ron's sticks. I just about die every time I go in there (even though the pizza is mediocre)."

    omg dont you live near Tuscon? have you ever been to this pizza place? you seriously should, it sounds awesome!
  5. wow, my sig fuckin rocks. you see what i did there? its a well hidden link to your forums, AND it says 'EH?"
  6. Well, it's that and shit's going on. Eh, whatever.
    No, my avatar's okay. I like Fix You.
  7. oh ok. i thought you meant sick or something.

    also. if you want, you can use the YGGF,K picture as your avatar now
  8. Sorry about the delay.
    Here's what's wrong. My computer hates me.
  9. im doing pretty good, actually. earlier i was feeling all depressed for no reason.

    whats going on with you?

    uh, oh yeah. im in that big argument with everyone vs Bighead
  10. How is ya doing?
    I'm not doing so great...
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