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  1. It's in my sig.
    But since I'm under 16 (only by a couple months, damn) it's always set to private so you can't see anything other than my profile pic. Unless you're my friend.
    But here's the Cone thing.
  2. link, wants to see
  3. My space is Offspring-ed out. It's got YGGFK as the song, a video of acoustic Dirty Magic, and a video of Dexter warming up and cussing Noodles out when he comes in.
    And a pic of Cone kicking Stevo in the nuts. But that was to be expected.
  5. No, I has given in...I went back to MySpace...
  6. Entertaining ninja!
  7. I'm bored...Entertain me, ninja!
  8. lol so much better

  9. I think that works better than the original.
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