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  1. I think oh_strange_one does, too.
    The site keeps saying the servers are too busy...
  2. When I was talking with the hitcher a couple weeks ago, he suggested that maybe all the people on the forums could meet up someplace. I think that's a pretty cool idea, but I have no idea where a lot of people could gather or how the amount of money needed to get everyone someplace could be obtained.
    I don't know. It would be nice to meet everyone I talk to whenever they're online (you, the hitcher, and oh_strange_one) in person.
  3. Cool's a cool word.
  4. I don't use sick as a word for cool, just so you know.
    I would've said something like GNARLY!
    What is wrong with people nowdays?
  5. That's sick.
    I live close to Mexico, where all the immigrents come over the border and try to get jobs. Sometimes they like to rape women and leave bras and panites on bushes as some sort of sick "trophies." But I have nothing against a majority of the others. Most of them are nice. But there's always those few...
    Plus the SWAT team got called into Tucson because of a shooter. He killed a cop and wounded a shitload of others.
    Eh...shit is fucked up....
  6. I remember waking up and my mom was talking to my grandma about it. The two TVs in the house were on. I missed the first tower fall. Then we (my brother and I) were sent to school and we had to watch the second one fall. For about a year afterward I was paranoid of bombers and stuff. I thought I was going to die if I even stepped outside of the house.
  7. That IS sad...I remember when that happened...I was in (I think) third grade...We had to watch it...
  8. omg my postcount is 911 lol.

    wait, thats not lol, that sad.
  9. See ya! 101010
  10. I'm a creeeeeeeeeep, I'm a weeeeeiiirdo....
    Goddam radio is converting me!
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