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  1. Stop, take some time to think, figure out what's important to you...
    My knowledge with Against Me! is that song. Rather, that line. I suck.
  2. I think it's time for a party! Yeah!
  3. High school isn't really as bad as they make it out to be.
    Unless you get a bitch teacher, like I did.
  4. HA! I got out more than a month ago! But I had finals and shit...
    Well, you have to kill your friend, because I have no idea where he lives or how I can get to Canada. How dare he compare The Offspring to Fall Out Boy? I only like one of their songs. Just one.
  5. WTF! my friend (abadon11, remember him? ) told me that Takes Me Nowhere sounds like Fall Out Boy! we gotta kill him!
  6. Hi. What's up? You out of school yet?
    If you want me to shut up and stop talking to you, just say so. Sorry if I'm annoying...
  7. I've been on the boards nonstop since then!
    Do you like it?
    I'm still having a hard time trying to comprehend why people don't like it. They changed their sound, but now they sound better than ever.
  8. I got RAFRAG!
  9. So your's says mine was posted at 11:03, right?
    Mine says you posted at 11:11.
    Erug, this is confusing. I'm getting a map.
  10. Here's a good way to test:
    What time is this message posted?

    My time: 11:03 PM
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