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  1. Yeah. Me too.
  2. boooooooooooooreeed...
  3. Ahh I couldn't get a picture.
  4. can I say that you are sooo damn lucky..!? but what about the surf board tied on the tree..???
    Theres the link for the album, 40 pictures total!
  6. Hey guess what?
    I finally got those pictures off my phone!
    There's a lot of them though, so I'm only gonna post a few in the photo album thread, but I'll post all of them in an album here .
  7. Night

    (its only 7:00 here )
  8. then I'll do it....tomorow..cause I believe nothing will's 3.30am here....going to sleep....good night...
  9. Ive got no ideas for one though is the problem!
  10. to die...? so make the thread..!!! it's a shame to let the girl do it instead of you.... come on...!
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