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  1. No worries. If someone else takes it in the mean time then that's fair enough.
  2. ok then. well i'll tell everyone that it's open still, so it may or may not be open when you get one
  3. Hey. Umm, I would like to have done it but I'm bass-less for a couple of months now. I could try borrowing one but there'd be no guarantees I'm afraid. I'll have to say no for now but if I can get a bass soon I'll let you know.
  4. hey, are you still wanting to do the bass for COAP? mike's out for a few weeks and he's offering it to anyone during that time, and you're the only other one in the first post down for it so im asking you first
  5. arg. that's ok. im having a hard time getting someone to.
  6. Hiya. Um, I have a slight problem with that at the moment. My laptop hard drive broke so I have no way of recording stuff at the moment
  7. hey, do you want to do the bass for come out and play?
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