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  1. Thanks . I was going to redo it, but now im not.
  2. Kev you are wayyyyy talented man!! Thanks for sharing that!!! I loved u doing Hammerhead!!!!
  3. Check this out

    This is all the songs that are finished for the "Rafrag covered by us" thread. We all are covering the songs from Rise and Fall Rage and Grace.
    I did guitar on Hammerhead, A Lot Like Me, and Fix You. I also sang in the "you want it, you got it" part in A lot like me.
  4. haha

  5. You will laugh ur ass off at this!! San Francisco gay punk rock!!
  6. sweet

  7. Hey Kev take a peek at the other bands fourm I put some stuff in there tyhat was WAYYYY before u were ever born!!!!
  8. Oh ok cool I didnt know that it exhisited.
  9. It's a secret forum that you can only get in if you are a moderator. I'm able to go in the one at Conspiracyof1000's forums, cause I'm a mod there...
  10. What is a mod fourm???
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