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  1. Yeah pretty cool.
  2. That is cool, i punk is back!!
  3. Yeap.
    My cat Jade had 6 babies! and theres at least 1 more left!
    Also my cat Suki had 2 5 weeks ago!
  4. OMG!! My exboyfriend is named Kevin!! Is that ur name?? I never asked before duh.
  5. yeah I did... cool
  6. Told ya it was him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can u believe that cool shit!!!!???? Did u read his post here???
  7. Whoa, it is
  8. Link me to it.
  9. ouch. Shitty deal
    I went to get a job at an auctioneer that my friend works at, but I'm just a fill in man until school starts. Then 3 people are moving away and another one of my friends and I get to work full time.
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