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  1. For some reason, my computer logs me into this one sometimes. See my thread in .com discussion. I'm gonna put this account on invisible from now on like my other one.
  2. hay hay HAY... what you doin in this account? :P
  3. lol... i can tell
  4. He's just being a dumbass
  5. Yeah... highly disappointing.
  6. I know, I've seen. It's a shame :/
  7. shoot... anditko is posting again... I thought i had won.
  8. I wrote my lyrics after I'd finished what I have now (minus the chorus riff). I thought I had a riff (it was different), but it didnt work. I don't want to re write the lyrics though, I like them a lot, so I'll just have to work something in.
  9. thats why i write the music first. then the lyrics are totally inspired by the feel of the song.
  10. It's also a matter of what goes with my lyrics though, I can't seem to come up with anything to go with them.
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