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  1. yeah... i'm mostly trying to work on knowing chords better. after that, i'll start in on scales (most solos tend to follow around a given scale. knowing them can help with improv type solos.)
  2. Me too. But outside of them I mostly play RHCP's complicated stuff. I don't really have a preference of style. Besides manufactured pop shit, I'll play really any style if I can
  3. say good bye to being a famous rockstar if one missfires then.

    i'm learning a song by the shins on my guitar. the chord progression is awkward, but i'[m getting the hang of it. i've decided i prefer playing offspring tunes for the powerchords. though a lot of their songs use real chords, but power chords get you close enough. hahaha
  4. Haha I always hold them.
    Yeah me too.
  5. hahaha... well, with some of the bigger bottle rockets, you could do some damage to yourself if you hang on to them when they go off (its been done). same goes for roman candles. if those things misfire, it could be bad (thats why it says not to hold them.)

    i love blowing things up
  6. Yeah bottle rockets suck so I don't understand the reason for banning them.

    Also on the 1st (Our holiday), the only fireworks I see going off are the professional display they put on at the harbour. I guess because provinces are huge compared to a majority of states, and Victoria is as fas away from the border of BC as you can get, it'd probably be quicker to go to the states.
  7. bottle rockets are no good unless you bind them together in large bundles anyway. same goes for roman candles. (both of which are illegal in this state)

    here, we're not allowed to have anything that: leaves the ground, explodes, is more than ten feet tall... and some other restrictions that we totally ignore.

    Bottle rockets and roman candles are only to give us something to play with while we wait for the actual holiday. Otherwise,we'd use a lot more before the 4th than we already do.
  8. Haha. We don't even get bottle rockets .
  9. hahaha!

    yeah... fireworks of the magnitude that we tend to use are very illegal in my state. so, naturally, every year we make a trip out of state to get the really dangerous stuff.
  10. Haha. They banned fireworks here last year after people kept blowing off various limbs.

    I remember that same night we were setting off bottle rockets, while aiming them (holding them ). Someone right behind me was pointing one at my head (or damn close, and it may have also been a roman candle). My friend told me that after I left, a car was driving by, and he threw a dancing phantom on the hood. It turned out to be an undercover cop .
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