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  1. That's what I thought. I just wanted to see if I could use that riff in something. Cause I can't see it working anywhere. Oh well.
  2. doesn't work. its in the wrong key and it doesn't really match the feel of the intro. sorry
  3. I think I've got a riff for the chorus of my song, another riff I've had for a long time. When you come online listen to it and tell me if you think it works.
    (No point listening past the 1st chorus)

    Don't mind the fact that my timing is off, and that the playing is messy, I'll fix it obviously if I do use it. I just threw it in to see how it sounds.
  4. Hahaha .
  5. hahahaha! Well, like I said... Everybody wants me...
  6. Haha, yeah. She got owned
  7. Teff is my unlucky victim

    Well, from the looks of it, Cock Joke wants you Have fun with that.
  8. lol

    haha... teff posted...
  9. Hahaha, at least I slowed up the "...posts after you" thread by bumping mine
  10. could be him... you never know...

    and you suck for posting that.
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