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  1. HAHAHA! That's what I was aiming for with that post
  2. Haha, you better ;P

    I still don't get how he has the same IP as me. Unless the IP for anyone's account is the one you joined with, in which case my friend's (remember I joined at his house) PC could have gotten a new IP, and then Obang got that IP sometime after.

    Either that, or it is and always has been my friend (Abadon11) all along playing a prank. Cause then he would still have the same IP.
  3. kevin you creeper! I can't reply in your say something thread... they'll all think me a cradle robber... eww... if anyone on this board (other than a guy being funny) replies... enough said...
  4. I doubt they will. If they do, I'll fight for you man! I'll post endless threads and bitch and moan until the finally give in and let you come back.
  5. Fuck, Obang's back.
    That's the troll they thought was me. I hope they don't ban me again because they think I'm still him.
  6. haha! cool

  7. Hehe, after I read Thomas' thread, I decide to make my own .gif
    It owns
  8. Nice .
  9. hahaha! eh... i prolly wont... just because i'm lazy like that
  10. Do it!

    I lol at ANDiTKO.
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