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  1. Haha, life is tough
  2. lol... my spot is in front of the window, on my bed, with my computer propped on my knees
  3. Lol. And it totally sucked, because for some reason i could only get a good connection in a certain position and spot it my room, and that was lying on my back on my bed, with my arms straight up resting on the window sill.
  4. hahah! Zactly what i do
  5. I remember before my dad got it I would sit in my room and try to get a good connection from someone nearby to play wireless games on my PSP.
  6. i steal it from my neighbors... but usually i don't get a very good connection
  7. Yeah... my dad has a wireless internet so this laptop is linked to it.
  8. i only use the destop because wireless internet is a pain in the ass
  9. Yeah, I mostly use mine for Music, recording/editing.
    This laptop im using though i only use for internet. my pc has no internet.
  10. eh... i'm not really into video games... i only have a mac so i can do video editing.
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