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  1. Hey, do you think you could send me the Self Esteem drums? I seem to have misplaced them
  2. I'm pretty sure no one's on for Self Esteems bass? I actually found one I did when I had a bass for a while, along to my drum track. If you want it I'll gladly upload it.

    I need the drum track again - I plan on doing my own cover sometime, When I did the bass I accidentally mixed it with the drums and saved it like that.
  3. alright cool
  4. yeah sure, whenever i have time to record. i've been unbelievably busy lately
  5. just dropping by to say- zee might do the drums for out on patrol (he said he would a while ago but never got back to me, i just sent him another PM) soon, so i was wondering if youre still on for vocals if it gets done

    and also amazed, if i ever find where i saved the drums track and do guitars
  6. ok .
  7. lol. idk then. maybe he pmmed it to me and i forgot to download it. send him a message then.
  8. he posted it in the thread. i have yet to download it.
  9. so, i'm gonna do the so alone bass for you guys, do you have the drums
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