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  1. arg. we might not be able to do it then...
  2. i thought i still had them, but i can't find them. sorry.
  3. Do you still have those Amazed drums? If you do I'm just gonna do the guitar and bass when i get it
  4. fack! I wrote this on your page a year ago:

    "I'm hopeing that when I start working full time at the place I applied (I'm only a fill-in for now)........"

    i never even worked there
  5. okeyday. if you want. of course, you can't record anything till i've recorded.
  6. coolio. i'll help on backing vox too.

    btw, any vocal stuff i can do on self esteem? besides the "la la..." part, im obviously gonna be part of that.
  7. okay sure! I love that song.
  8. do you want to do an out on patrol cover? just as something to do when there's nothing to do on smash (after amazed)
    i can record acoustic now too
  9. Idk kev. I'm trying to finish RAFRAG before I think of anything else.
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