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  1. so that thing is tonight at midnight right?

    what exactly does it mean at midnight? does somethin happen or somethin on FB
  2. cool .
  3. Too late! I like the Brazilian soccer team!
  4. It doesnt matter what teams you like from a league, but when its countries usually people cheer for their own countries'
  5. Like I am not weird anyway. i am from Massachusetts but I like the Saints not the Pats
    i like the dodgers angels and red sox and white sox
    i like the ice cats(prevbiously from massy) not the sharks!
  6. Nothing. But it will be kinda weird becuase your from america
  7. cuz we're awesome! kidding. what happens if i say i will go but i dont?
  8. Sorry, it's something to do with the Canadian Mens olympic hockey team, I just sent invites to all my friends so ignore it.

    It's because our goalie Brodeur sucked really bad and USA beat us.
  9. what is this Riot downtown if Brodeur starts next game? You sent me an invitation!
  10. Haha, old but it's cool. goodnight
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