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  1. Anyway, I am going to bed! Good Night! <3
  2. Four gay guys walk into a bar and one of them says "Aww, man! There is only one stool left!" Then another one says "Well, we could always flip it over!"

  3. nope, go ahead
  4. I have a joke but first, do you have a problem with racist/descrimination jokes? I don't mean any of them! Just so you know!
  5. ok dont worry
  6. Nevermind you sent me a friend request but please do not say my last name on here!
  7. That is what I looked for but I didn't see your picture. What is your profile picture?
  8. yeah i do, Kevin Jewett
  9. do you have a facebook, you told me ur full name once but i didnt find u on fb. i cant smile! my face will crack
  10. well the day before christmas eve.
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