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  1. hmm that sucks

    you had school up until the day before christmas? i got off the previous friday
  2. No I was talking to a girl from school and we started talking about the recent rumors because I stayed home from school the day before Christmas and that came up!
  3. ok haha, i was confused that you'd only bring it up now if theres no school
  4. No! I go back on Monday!
  5. wait, youre back in school already!? haha
  6. no i haven't
  7. have you ever seen the television show, The Big Bang Theory. I received the first two seasons on DVD as a Christmas gift. I have watched the first season already and now I am watching disk one of the second season!
  8. huh, well just try to ignore it, like i said its not true and if you know that thats all that matters
  9. Not at my school. I have the biggest boobs of almost all of the girls at school including the seniors!
  10. i swear, that that happens to like, well not everyone but defiantly a lot of girls, at least here. just ignore it, if its not true its not true right?
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