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  1. I am so angry. There is a rumor being passed around school that I stuff my bra
    Can you believe that?!
  2. heeellllllloo
  3. Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. yeah they're so good actually, you can like choose what you want on them too you pick a sandwhich which would have basic things on it, like what type of meat or cheese etc, then theyve got a bunch of toppings layed out, like lettuce tomato pickle peppers olives etc all that jazz. its really good

    Okay i saw this thread and do you know i have neber eaten at subway in my life are the knife free sandwiches good?
  6. Hahaha nice :P

    LOL, I was just the victim of such a big joke on Facebook. It wasn't funny when it was happening, there was actually gonna be a fight lol, but it's so funny now.

    One of my friends hacks my other friends accounts and starts laughing about how I asked out that girl, and how she said no (she actually didn't, it ened up being part of the joke), and started calling me a jew (my nickname), and saying really rascist stuff, so I started getting really pissed, so I talked to the girl and she was hacked too, and saying some random stuff, so I was just thinking wtf, and eventually someone told me what just happened, and now it's so funny :P
  7. I went to a comedy show(mike birbiglia) and i was laughing really hard and he was saying what needed to be done to the people in the crowd and i was really loud and he looks and points right at me and says "and shut her up". that just made me laugh even harder
  8. 10 as in I needed ten characters.

    I don't feel like I'm growing up too fast, but I'm so stressed about getting jobs and stuff, etc.

    But I can't wait to drive
  9. Why 1010? I am alittle bit sad right now anyway. I am growing up too fast and I realize that because my little baby sister(I still remember the day she was born) turned six years-old today and goes to kindergarten!
  10. lol
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