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  1. dude, woah, Burke is on a roll. Jeez, he just fucked TO's offense for so many years now, unless they land Kovalchuk.
  2. Okay so not Canucks, but watch this video, I went to a Victoria Salmon Kings game last night, and they scored the most amazing goal that ended up being the TSN highlight of the night:

    jesus, so many dangles.
  3. Damn, someone's gonna have their head taken off.

    Or their throat cut. I'm freaking out, watched the Malarchuk and Zednik videos earlier, and now our players are getting cut.
  4. oh man, so awesome! piling up the tricks this year
  5. Burrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. DUDE! Omg, ok here's what just happened.

    I watched the game (illegally streamed) on some site, and there was a chat box beside it. Like right when the pulled the goalie I typed "wellwood will probably miss an empty net now", then changed it to "no he'll shoot right at it and it'll get tipped". so like 30 seconds later, he shoots, and doughty tips it and it hits the post! ahahaha i was like NO WAY. he scored after tho but i cant believe i called it just like it happened :P
  7. Woooooooo!
  8. FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!! That felt good!
  9. hahaha, well tonight was not to be unfortunately for henk, but 7-1 is huge
  10. is this the night henrik finally gets the hatty?
    and about time roberto gets it together, though I was totally getting
    ready to chant "dreeeeeeewwwwwwww" instead hahaha
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