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  1. Haha, yeah for sure man . I'll put you in charge for the next one when I make the thread too, sound good?
  2. Hey bud. If Carson can't take care of the Mixtape, I'd like to do it. BUT only if he can't. I didn't want to post it in the thread because it might make him feel like he has to hand it over just to be nice.
  3. Thanks man, unfortunately my AoTM comes on my most unproductive month haha, I've hit a wall in that aspect. But i'll get something together soon
  4. Happy birthday, broski! First AoTM, now this. Well done.
  5. i hope i didn't do this already and forget, haha. Nothing From Something bass:

    a few mistakes, not too shabby
  6. Hah, well it's about getting the rythm down, it takes some getting used to but according to some people I learned it pretty fast.
  7. Oh snap. I totally didn't see this message until now. Fuck, that's good man! Seriously, it doesn't sound easy, but it's just gotta be, seeing how fast you mastered it...right? Heh, as I don't play bass, I have no idea.
  8. hah, looks like ive learned to groove on the bass now, i've got slap pop stayle aced now, check it out:

    i covered tell me baby by rhcp, which isnt exactly easy at parts for guitar either, but just getting the bass down is huge
  9. thanks, but i cant get it to show in my sample library. only way i can use them is to right click and set sample
  10. no problem
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