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  1. Whoops, I forgot about it, dudeski. I'll do it when I get back from work.
  2. okay, thanks
  3. Dammit. I figured something would happen. Maybe I'll try putting each kit in different zips.
  4. im having problems with it, it only get to like 15% and then stops downloading, says unexpected end of archive
  5. drum - 392.22MB

    Here ya go. You just slap 'em into the samples folder. The weakest ones generally are the open hihats, they don't have much power, but you may be able to get a good sound out of them.
  6. eh sure. any special way of installing or just dump them into the samples folder? it doesnt seem like the program would recognize it as a kit just like that

    As it's late where you are (here to haha), you don't have to do that tonight unless you absolutely want too
  7. Haha, I know exactly how you feel, man. For about two years, I was using a drum program called Hydrogen, and some of those samples sounded like a low-budget Super Nintendo game. I usually just pick and choose from a few different kits, but our tastes may be different. You want a hella huge file of all of them? A few hundred MBs?
  8. Gimme the realest sounding kit you got :P Please

    Beatcrafts drums are brutal.

    Thanks though, i still dont like my voice but everyones like that hahaha.
  9. Sir, your story is an inspiration to us all, haha. But yeah, I'm glad you found a way to get better. 'Twas a big surprise. Anyway, about the drums, I have hundreds of awesome drum samples, if you ever need help in that department.
  10. Actually, I got a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass

    really nice
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