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  1. Haha, yeah. It's fun to put your own little spin on an already hot beat, with the click of a mouse. Requires no skill at all.

    What kind of bass did you get? I'm gonna guess and say a GRG of some kind?
  2. Haha, yeah, but more like, I'd break down each section of drums, haha. I was to impatient to get the fills right so I was like "improvise!"

    bass will have to wait a bit - having troubles with my new computer and recording. fucking vista man, messing everything up, but on the plus side I got a damn sexy bass today
  3. Drums are soundin' good, my man! I'm liking the fills. Heh, did you do it the way I would, listening to the song over and over to hear exactly what the drums are? :P
  4. Nothing from something drums are done! I made one version with metronome at the intro, and one without to use when you mix Also, I dressed up the fills a bit, added some in the intro, needless to say none of the fills are the same as in the song

    If no ones called the bass by the time I get mine tomorrow, I'll do it (after KHWHD though, so still probably tomorrow)
  5. 'Sup Kev. Erm, I'm not 100% sure how likely it will be. I'll try to give it another shot, seeing as how jacked up the old one was, haha.
  6. Any chance of getting a new Genocide drum track? We've had problems with the other one. (If you can do it, make sure to add in some metronome for the guitar )
  7. alright cool i'll send you the drums so you can if you want, once ive got the other parts
  8. 'sup kev. Erm, I'm lacking a lot of free time these days, but I could possibly try singing it. Dexter hits some pretty high notes in that, though.

    If I had a bass, I'd definitely do that part, but I don't
  9. Hey Randy, would you be interested in doing some vocals for a gone away cover?
    And possibly the bass, I think i've bugged tim enough for bass
  10. Heh, as you can see from my post in the thread, yes I have I saw a video of a guy who made a tube amp a while ago, and I've always thought of making an amp since. It's funny cause I hadn't thought about it for around a year, until about a week ago I remembered the video. I could have been because I don't like my amp anymore.
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