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  1. Ok, I've been trying to borrow someones bass, but if all else fails and I can't get a hold of one, I'll probably turn to fake bass. Or rent one.

    edit: it seems as though I'll be able to rent one tomorrow, so problem solved!

    This way I can get a high quality bass for probably $23 for a month, If an electric drumset was $45 a month.
  2. Sup Kev! Erm, I found that good fake bass is like the hardest instrument to get ahold of. I have two on my computer. One is called "Super Riff Bass," which I believe is free (or at least I didn't pay for it and I know I didn't have a torrent for it). The second is the bass instrument on the Halion One plugin, which for sure isn't free. It came with Cubase. That's the one I use, as SRB doesn't always seem to work for me.

    Keep in mind that these are VSTi and you need a program that supports them. Now, if you REALLY get desperate and can't find anything, let me know and I will tell you about soundfonts and such. But it's complicated, d00d.
  3. hey, what do you use for your fake bass? is it a program? i'm trying but failing to find a program or even a trial for one
  4. Thanks, man
  5. Yo, Kevster. I'm gonna see what I can do. It's looking likely, though.
  6. do you by any chance know the drums to under the bridge by the chili peppers, and if so would you be willing to program me them? preeety please?

    haha, i would but im still a noob at programing drums so it wouldn't turn out good
  7. it's cool, it can take a while. just let me know how it goes
  8. Hey, Kev. Heh, I'd like to say yes, but knowing me these days, it would take forever to actually get it done. I'll see what I can do, though.
  9. feel like doing the drums for COAP? i cant see any way around doing them with a program unless someone could record with an acoustic kit because of the intro
  10. Yep, we don't have Long and McQuade. We barely have any music stores here, and the big one doesn't rent instruments. I hate my town. So big, so many people, but so full of crap that doesn't matter. I live in the biggest Nothingtown on earth.

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