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  1. Wanna do some vocals for me? Not for one of my songs, for a Bad Religion cover? I'm covering "You"
  2. ...any news on anger management?
  3. ok thanks .
  4. You should have it in about a day or two.
  5. are you working on it or just havent had time or what?
  6. i posted my response about the effects on my page, sorry here it is

    If I didn't turn it off, they should all be good except for the guitar thats starts of soloing, i think that track had an FX to move it to the back in the mix
  7. Once you finish mixing, keep those settings you had for the song and just temporarily save the mix, because my friend asked me if I wanted some real drums for my songs so I said yeah, and I don't know if he means for my current songs or write songs together. so If it's the former than I might end up sending you a new drum track at some point for it.

    Still send me the finished product just in case we dont do those drums or something.
  8. Well, that depends. What effects exactly are there, and which tracks? To be honest, I haven't really noticed anything.
  9. I'm just realized, that I may have left some effects on some of those tracks. Do you want the clean ones, or can you work with what you have?
  10. Thanks man!

    Keep all the random noise before the song kicks in though, I like it. just have it fade in the same as I did

    and what i had was the 2 tracks that start with rythm are hard panned left/right, and the one that's soloing is centered. i dont know if you would want to change that up but you can if it sounds better

    and also, there's obviously 2 vocal tracks, i dont know if you'd want to center them both or go left/right, but again whatever sounds best
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