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  1. Thanks Unfortunately we didn't play any music at all at our party so there was no Offspring either, but it was cool anyway Only my cat didn't like it, because she doesn't like new people at all
  2. Ahh thank U Same to U. Have a great Offspring new year
  3. happy New Yeaaaaaaar!!
  4. Thank U RP Yeah that day was great
  5. Hey hey my friend, happy birthday! I hope you have really cool and really drunk day I wish you a lot Offspring concerts and meetings with the band, a lot of luck and fun and beer and vodka and whatever you like May all your dreams come true!
  6. Ok I understand But Im gonna tease for it
  7. I'll tell everything when I have a bit more time, so when I finish my exams, which will be at the end of the week
  8. Nah just simply tell it please
  9. hehe, never too much Offspring shows Oooh, I could tell you about all those shows for hours but you'd probably get bored it was just the best period in my life so far
  10. 5 shows n U still dont got enough? Damn girl!!! Hope Ure gonna tell me more about your tour some day?!
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