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  1. Hehehe Surprise guest? So I will count in as two persons? Hopefully the surprise will be good
  2. I'm totally in! The idea sounds great I'll bring some Polish vodka and a 'surprise guest' if you don't mind
  3. Hehe... so, are you in? Cause I need to know the number of people that are coming. Drafan, Holland25, Bejka and dexterka already confirmed they would come And I am awaiting confrimation from more people
  4. wooow, that would be great home parties are the best and also going to Bratislava shouldn't be a problem
  5. Um, there is a possibility of a party in my 8-room flat in Bratislava(the capital of Slovakia).. what do you think?
  6. ok, let me know or you all come to Warsaw, there's possibility that my parents won't be at home around New year's eve;p
  7. Hi there! I am quite alright, I guess... well we have been discussing it but there is a problem with the place.. the ones we wanted are not available anymore.. so there is still a slim chance of something like that happening, but I really do not know at this moment.. I will surely let you know if something like that happens
  8. heeey! how are you? do you know maybe sth more about New year's eve? Is Offspring New Year's party still actual?
  9. Hey, you can send it now, I deleted some stuff from my inbox
  10. hehe, yes, from time to time you need to be nice for your liver and during this weekend my parents were out so it would have been sin not to drink something...aww, I remember old good times when 2 beers were enough to be drunk... But it was many litres of various kind of alcohol ago, so things have changed
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