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  1. I'm fine too, although I still can feel alcohol and in 2 weeks an awful time at my uni will start a lot of exams, bleh!
  2. i'm fine taking a week-break from studyingyou?
  3. Thank youuuuu! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you too!!!!
    how are you doing?
  4. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Yeeeeeaaaaar
  5. I'm fine, thank you My cat was a bit sick lately but now she seems to feel better now And how are you? How was your birthday?
  6. thaaaaaaaaanxxxxxxxxxxxx hun how r u?
  7. hey hey! Sorry for the delay, I couldn't have used the Internet for a couple of days. I want to wish you happy birthday!!! May all your wishes come true Hope you had fun at that day
  8. I'm fine, thanks Now I'm waiting for the results of my two exams, I had to retake them:/ we'll see. anyway, now I'm having good time in my live
  9. i'm ok though nothing really interesting's going on with me lol how r u?
  10. thank you! I'm fine, yesterday my friends made a party for me, and today I'm gonna celebrate my birthday again I regret a bit that all the concerts finished, but well, I'm waiting for another tour and how are you?
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