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  1. Wow, your plans sound very impressive! Really, makes me jealous You'll have possibility to visit a lot of places, cool What will you do during cruises?
    I'm going to Bulgaria tomorrow I didn't have possibility to come to warm places earlier, but I hope the weather will be good in Bulgaria. And during the whole August I worked in Warsaw, I had to call companies to check if the information about them haven't changed. Not very interesting job, but at least I earned some money. And besides, I was partying and stuff, my mom left for holidays for 2 weeks so I could make some parties even at my place
  2. So did you make some holidays in sunny places finally? I'm gonna leave Hungary next month! In June I got employed by a cruise ship company called Princess Cruises.I worked for McDonald's during the summer.I also did some excursions, had parties, concerts,I was at Sziget festival again,and things. I was in London last week, it was good too. Some days ago the company called me about the work and they asked me to join their ship next month. I'm so happy about this whole thing, I'm gonna embark my ship called Star Princess at 23th September in Rome. Firstly it makes trips in Europe: Italy, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, France, Spain, and some places in Afrika like Egypt and Morocco, then in December it heads to South America:Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Falkland Islands, Cape Horn, Antarctica, and then go to the Caribbeans. After this I come home from Miami,next April. So this is my schedule for the next 6 months, and I just can't wait this adventure! And what are your plans now?
  3. Now I have to do practice for my studies, then I'll think about some work My stay in Holland was great anyway, even if I didn't earn as much as I hoped Oh, Venice, I heard that it's beautiful, I'd like to see it! I'd like to take a cruise with those funny boats Cool that you met Maxter I thought I'd meet him on the AFI concert in Warsaw, but I didn't, unfortunately. I'm glad you liked your stay in Italy! Oh, my plans, first the practice, then holidays in some sunny place hopefully, and then studies again and work, if I manage to find something. And what are you going to do now?
  4. Ohhh... I'm sorry about your work. Hope you can find the right one soon. Italy was pretty cool. I was in Venice, but actually I stayed in another location called Fusina, next to Venice, and Maxter showed me other cities around Venice. So we saw everything what belongs to Venice, and it was so cool, though we was there only for some days. But because of the cheap flight tickets I'm sure I will visit Italy again some time. So now you live in Holland. What are your plans for the future?
  5. Well, I worked in catering here, but I left after a few days because they didn't treat me well, didn't keep promises they made earlier etc. So my first foreign work wasn't very successful But how was in Italy? I haven't been there yet, but I'm curious about the country What city have you visited?
  6. Sounds good. What kind of job you have in Holland? I'm gonna go to Italy tomorrow! Just can't wait!
  7. I'm glad you're having a nice time I'm in Holland now, tomorrow I'm starting a summer job! And this summer will be quite busy, I guess, I have to do my study practice when I come back to Poland, but I'm hoping for some great holidays after all
  8. Hey! Thank you for the birthday wish! I'm fine, got a new job, hang a lot with my friends, enjoy summertime. How are you?
  9. Hey, hey, happy birthday! How are you?
  10. ok, I think I did it
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