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  1. Woow, really? Great, I'd be happy to see you then
  2. Hi!
    I'm actually going to Poland on Monday, if I'm lucky I might see you
  3. ok I'll be happy to go to Sweden too good night then my new friend
  4. Then you'll be waiting for quite a while ^^
    And if you get bored waiting, you and your friend can go to Sweden, yay!

    I need to sleep now, take care
  5. ok I'm waiting for you then
  6. Haha okay, that's a deal then ^^
  7. so come to Poland, I'll show you all the places that are interesting in my opinion and you'll meet my friend that's in love in Sweden
  8. I have no idea actually. ^^
  9. hello well, there's a lot nice things in Poland. there are some monumental places, you can also have good fun, especially in bigger cities, you can spend nice time at the lake or in depends what you like where exactly are you going?
  10. Hello!
    How is Poland? I'm just wondering because I'll be going there on a trip in June/July next year, and I just wanna know if there is anything nice to do/see or if it isn't worth going?
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