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  1. Haha, I know what you mean! I remember when I turned 20. It felt like I went from young to old in a day. But don't you go feeling like that.

    And I'd like to propose a toast to no hangover tomorrow!
  2. Thank you! Yeah, my friends are making a party for me, so I'm gonna have fun today Ah, I wish I was 19 again, 20 sounds so serious
  3. HEY! Happy Birthday! I didn't even know it was today. Do you have any plans? <3<3<3

    Doggone it. This year has gone by so fast. I remember when you just turned 19!
  4. I was on the show in Hungary, today I'm going on Area4, and also I'm going to London and Holland show I'm pretty sure I'll have great time! Hungarian show was really awesome. And that's cool, seeing Offspring once in a month, exactly on 15th! I'd also be sad on every 15th not related to Offspring though.
    Ok, I'll send you some pictures as soon as I have new ones!
    And in a couple of minutes I'm leaving, I'm soooo excited! Offspring again, woohoo!
  5. Four shows in two weeks! Unbelievable. If you don't mind, could you tell me which ones they are? Hope you have a really great time. I did indeed go to three this year. They were on April 15, May 15, and July now whenever the 15th of a month comes, I get kinda sad that I won't do anything Offspring related!

    And yeah, do show me more pics. I love your boots that you wear, but those shoes rock, too!
  6. Actually, I'll be on 4shows during 2weeks! That's so awesome, I'm very happy about that! And it'd be cool if the band remembered me Next time I'll be even closer to the stage, to make sure they have possibility to see me
    And thank you I'll send you other pictures in this shoes if I have
  7. That's awesome! Hehe, I find it amazing that you're still going three more (and all before the end of this year, right?). The band should remember you by the time the last one comes.

    And I gotta say, that pic in the grey and purple is verrry sexy! The shoes were awesome, and my favorite color is purple, so...
  8. Yeah, I was on Offspring show on Sunday it was great! Really, I loved it! And there's still 3 concerts for me to go, that's so awesome And how are you?
  9. Hey! So I guess you went to an Offspring concert yesterday?
  10. yes, I think DM sounds really nice on classical guitar. Now I should learn how to play on classical guitar, because when I manage to do this, maybe I'll be able to encourage my dad to buy me electric one for example But maybe it's too distant future And my fingers still hurts a bit, but doesn't matter, I wanna learn DM as fast as it's possible!
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