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  1. Ahhh, nice! I think it will sound great on a classical guitar. Glad you enjoyed it today, and when your fingers hurt, you know it's working!...sorta
  2. Yep, I've got a guitar, the classic one. I bought it many years ago but didn't use too much so far. But today I really liked playing, even though my fingers are aching When I learn it (I hope I'll manage to), I'll try to record it and send to you
  3. HEYHEYHEY! Yeeeeah, this is great news! Do you have a guitar now? Anyway, I don't care what people say, DM isn't one of the easiest songs to play for a beginner so if you master this, I'll be impressed! Hehe, if you ever have a way to record yourself, I'd like to hear the progress you're making some time
  4. Hello, how are you? Today I've started learning Dirty Magic on guitar! Of course it sounds only a little bit like DM at the moment, but at least I did something
  5. Hehe, yes, there's always someone who did even less than you, or hasn't started school things at all at least you can think that your situation is a bit better
  6. Right, good ol' schoolmates. I love it when everyone else messes up, too, so you don't feel so bad. I could always count on my classmates for that
  7. Actually, I should have finished reading the books 2 weeks ago, but as far as I know hardly no one of my schoolmates did it So it's not that bad, some of them haven't even chosen the books
    Hehe, secret stuff, now I'm even more curious But ok, I'm waiting for the PM patiently
  8. Wooow, you finally started reading it?! Great job...but isn't it too late? hehe

    I'll send you a PM for the song. It's kinda Top Secret stuff at the moment.
  9. I'm ok, I woke up some time ago, and now I'm thinking that I could continue reading the book soon (yes, I've started reading one of the political books I've told you about!) Woow, new recording? I wanna hear that too
  10. I'm fine, thanks! Just listening to my newest recording, but I should be asleep. How are you?
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