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  1. Thanks man! Also, thanks again for your sig, I lost my basic bootlegs from a PC reboot a while ago, so it's coming in handy right now.
  2. I don't have it, but I may look for it. Hang on, I'll let you know.
  3. Hey holland, I just mentioned Tokyo, I'm On My Way, then realised, 'hey! this song isn't on my iPod!'. Do you know where I can download it??
  4. What? ICQ? It's an application made for communication. Something like Skype but without microphone
  5. Sounds foreign =P
  6. No, I don't... Very few people use it here in Slovakia. But I use ICQ...
  7. Do you have MSN holland?

    101010(even though I need more than 10)
  8. LOL, I don't think I'm popular... And how are ya? Didn't spoke for few days. What do you think about RAFRAG?
  9. wow, popular.
  10. Hey Richard! Do you want the S/T LP rip to be uploaded on rapidshare or sthing like that? Cause you still didn't download it from offspringbootlegs...
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