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  1. Yep, I do have one. It's on offspringbootlegs. Exact address is on my sig. The folder is named (1989) Selftitled vinyl rip. And yeah, I like the demos, although the drums are much more audible than everything else. But I'm still stoned. I listened to them for about 50 times.
  2. Hey '25. You said that Blackball_ had ripped you an LP of the first album. If you have one, be it your own or not, would you mind uploading for me please?

    Hope you like the new demos too.
  3. Ah, ok. I'll try to find it through internet. Thanks anyway
  4. Hey dude! I just dropped by to ask you if you can tell me how much will the shipping from England (Manchester to be concrete) to Slovakia cost. My friend promised me to send some wicked t-shirt from there if I pay the cost of the shipping. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day
  5. Yep, I especially appreciate the new design of buddy list with avatars. BTW, can you please take a photo of the cassette and upload it for me, so that I can use it as a thumbnail when the music is uploaded? Thanks a lot
  6. Sooo, what do you think about the new forum design (I'm trying to start conversation)
  7. Just trying how does this new feature work...
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