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  1. E-mail me to discuss it. Lets say i can pay the same i did for the suject to blackout tape.
  2. hey man, yeah man that's cool, what kind of price are we talking?
  3. Hi bankz.
    Listen, I'm interested in buying the Tehran tape. Actually I already bought the Subject to Blackout tape from Krispy, he offered it to me directly and I paid through paypal. I was thinking if you want to sell it the same way, so you'll not need to pay ebay's taxes.
  4. Well hehe, too expensive to me, but good luck
  5. No problem, really. I have to say to you, maybe it'll not worth at all. I mean, how much do you need/think you can get for it?
  6. actually dude, i may not put it up after all. Sorry to get your hopes up :P If you'd like to make me an offer though i'm very open, it's just i don't want to be obliged to let it go by using eBay if i'm not getting a fair price. We'd do the deal via eBay real safe and quick.
  7. yo man, i'm planning to sell my cassette soon. I have a thread for it in General offspring discussion.
  8. cool... thought you have already sold it... well, if someday you want to sell it, let me know hehe :P thanks, see ya
  9. I still have it.
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