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  1. It really depends on what you prefer. Heel-down gives you more speed, but less power. Heel-up gives you more power, but less speed. Be sure to master both, because both are extremely useful.
  2. I was asking about foot technique, because I can hit pedal, "jumping" on it, or laying down my ankle, if you know what am I saying. So which one of these kind a style should I be using while playing punk? Yeah, Hit that is quite easy.
    My friend told me to see video of Jojo Mayer, and he is quite a genius, of what he can do only with snare, bass drum, and cymbal/hi-hat only.
  3. For a beginner, I wouldn't recommend playing fast punk songs like that. Stick to basic rock beats (Hit That is a good one, if you want to stick to offspring songs) and then slowly move up. Foot technique ain't exactly rocket science. It just takes time to build strength.

    And just for the record, punk is actually one of the easiest types of music for drummers. Check out some jazz along the lines of Buddy Rich or Max Roach. Also, check out people like Jojo Mayer or Dave Weckl if you want to see what REAL drumming masters play like.
  4. Hi, and yes it is a good drum kit. It's a Pearl World old series with 10 screws on bass drum.
    yeah, i was wondering on how to fix that angle of those rack toms, but a pro drummer came 2 my house and he got it!

    Ok, so now I'm learning 2 play Offspring songs, and I've found out that playing punk is the most difficult music for a drummer!
    Anyways my leg hearts, and I've noticed that there are more techniques on foot playing, so can anyone give me a tip how to play hammerhead or session? I know the rhythm, but leg hurts.. And I get tiered very soon..
    So can you give me a tip or advice on what leg technique should I be using?
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