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  1. will u please do me a favor? i need u to send me a private message because my inbox and my sent items is screwed up. i need to see if i can get messages because i dont think i can send them... or my user cp wont hold the ones i send
  2. Hello! I joined a whole year ago!
  3. Hey... Haven't talked to you in a while!
  4. Hi! What's up? I am apparently not sleeping again!
  5. Hi! What's up?
  6. I haven't slept in three days. See I told a couple days after I joined, I am invincible and I do not require sleep(until I crash and burn on the loveseat in a couple of days)
  7. I teach a local high school drumline, and another after school program involving a drumline at a church. It gets tiring.
  8. who do you teach? notice i have been on more. i have taken a break from volunteer work cuz it is hard to move but the kids come and see me and i play with them but we play like board games in stead of tag and games like that. they come to my house. i dont go to theirs
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