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  1. Yeah, my top free time priority goes to practicing and lately, writing music for a local high school drumline I'm teaching. Not much time for message boards...
  2. I have things i need to do and i get them done and then i do this cuz this is my top free time priority
  3. I don't have a whole lot of time to, especially lately. I just have a bunch of other things I'd either rather be doing, or have to be doing, that keep me from coming on here too often.
  4. you dont post very much
  5. Thanks. I am okay. My brother bought me a donut to make me feel better. I get to type all the time cuz i have an alphasmart. that way my hands dont get tired and cramp. I could write with my feet(i can actually do that)
  6. ooh. That doesn't sound good. Well, best of luck with that!
  7. No I may have scolyosis, JRA, and/or lyme disease. I am getting tested Monday, but I don't know when I will get the results.
  8. Having trouble walking? Did you get an injury?
  9. I am a city volunteer but right now I am having trouble walking... so... I am just doing school stuff.
  10. Same old. Same old. Super busy with school, marching band, pep band, volunteering, and teaching. And yourself?
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