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  1. hi thomas!
  2. Can you copy and paste the link instead of clicking on it?
  3. BTW you said that you support autism, but you never said why
  4. When I use links it crashes my computer.

    Watch that video. It should give you a general idea.

    Also, although it's not such a big thing on other forums, people here generally REALLY don't like improper grammar. A typo here and there is no problem, but do the best you can to form complete sentences with punctuation and all that good stuff.
  6. thats the problem my autism makes me unable to distinct whats appropriate and when and though i know that i still cant seem to change it
  7. I don't think there is reason to leave. Just try to figure out what is generally accepted as good behavior around here and you will be welcomed. Also, try not to take what people say on here personally. It's just the internet, after all...
  8. do u think i should quit overall i mean i know i get on everyones neves with spam and shit but thats just how i am
    its really hard for me to accept the truth so i kind of ignore it but i kinda get it now
  9. this is my life but i should quit cuz im just pissing off ppl around the world now and they arent too happy about im just the annoying little kid here
  10. Well, granted, my advice IS coming from an adult to a young teenager, so it'll probably still give off that impression no matter what. What I suggest doing, though, when visiting new message boards, is to lurk for maybe a few weeks to try to get a good feel of how the message board works, what some of the people are like, and stuff like that. Then, you can start posting knowing what kind of behavior people take kindly to.
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