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  1. ppl r hurting my feelings cuz they say they give me advice on how things work nicely but it goes over my head so they wont even try to be nice anymore i should quit being a member no one here likes me most of them just feel bad cuz i am a kid
  2. if u want to give me advice make it kid like not dad like
  3. u sound like my dad
  4. haha. Try reading a book or finding a hobby of some sort.
  5. see i dont have other things to do cuz the kids i know hate me and my life is offspring and dexter24/7
  6. I dunno. I just usually have other things to do.

    And sleep is good. When you get older, you'll definitely learn to value it.
  7. how can u go that long
    btw i slept today
  8. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I'll sometimes go several days without visiting here.
  9. hey dude u come on very often
  10. r u on right now
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