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  1. Yeah, just compress each track into a .rar file, upload it somewhere, and I'll mix it!
  2. Do you think you could mix some vocal for me? (And possibly the song... if you need all the tracks to do that)

    If you want to, it's here so you can hear how it sounds. It's called anger management (happy as can be)
  3. Thanks, I'll use that in the future. I tried to clean up the track a bit, but I figured, I'm doing this on a setup just over $200, this is amazing considering the conditions. So I didn't do much, bass doesn't drown the rest out now but that's about it.
  4. Your vocal problem is not an issue with how you recorded it, but rather how you're mixing it. I had the same problem, until I discovered the magic of compression. You should put a hard compression on the vocal track: short attack, relatively short release, and a threshold of about -9db or so. Just play around with the threshold until it sounds right. As for the vocals 'not being apart of the song', that's another issue with compression. Since you're probably not compressing the master track, there's no way of getting the sound you describe that is pretty much how all modern music is these days. It really comes down to personal preference, and I don't recommend compressing the master track too much.

    For the master track, try an attack time that's as short as possible, make the release time about 75 milliseconds, put the threshold at about -3db, and maybe up the gain until it's just below the red of the volume. DON'T have it go in the red; that's what compression is trying to avoid.

    Anyway, that should kinda solve your problems. The whole 'vocals being on-top' thing is quite normal with music (especially if it's from 15 years ago) and shouldn't be something that's feared.
  5. Do you have any tips on recording and mixing vocals? I'm having problems with it lately.

    I've only been having problems recording for a few weeks, and the problem is that, any quiet part comes out almost inaudible, even when I'm singing right into the mic, and any loud part comes out waaay to loud, even if I move back a foot or two (e.g. the chorus of the song I submitted). Know any fix for that?

    As for mixing, I've never got it right. it always sounds like the vocals are on top of the song rather than part of it. How do I make it feel like a part of the song?
  6. aight, i think Mike might do the bass but I'm not sure.
  7. Also, let me know when the other tracks come in.
  8. Yeeeeep, I could do it.
  9. yo do you think you could mix COAP for Smash covered by us? I've managed to get 2 rhythms lined up. if you can do it, here's all the files

    rhythm 1
    rhythm 2
    here's the drums (ad8 did them)

    no bass yet
  10. happy birthday!
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