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  1. They let you come back???! Awesome!
  2. y did u get rid of ur profile pic
  3. s yeah i just wondering why you didnt respond to my recent PM
  4. #3 11-02-2004, 04:56 PM
    The Fan Join Date: Oct 2004
    Location: Portugal (Aveiro/Lisbon)
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    Offspring (7x ) AFI (3x) Fonzie , Easyway ,(and some others support bands of the offspring) SCORPIONS (2x) , ROGER WATERS , RODRIGO LEĆO(3x) , GNR - GRUPO NOVO ROCK , SLAMO , and some local garage bands
    I am not another The Offspring fan but just THE Offspring FAN !

    Dexter Holland - "Which one of you goes by the screen name of RonWelty?"

    "I do want to get my degree though, because when I'm on tour I want people to have to call me Dr. Holland." Dexter Holland (source)
    Oh, Really, Mr. Holland? Let me try that!

    8/8/09 Portugal
    RonWelty: Hello Dr. Holland!!!
    Dexter Holland: Hi.........oooooooooooooooooohhhhhh (with a really strange face on)

    Bah... liar!

    so i saw that post from forever ago and wonder... how many time have u seen em now?!
  5. Which current member of the band is your favourite?
  6. Are you male or female. What is your name. I am a girl. My name is Cassidy Lynn but people call me Cass, Pete, Britney, or Casper.
  7. Send me some pics! You are so lucky. If your signature is true, what did he have a strange look on his face? Did he have something against you?
  8. yeahhhh true
  9. Hi! What's up? Did you seriously meet Dexter?
  10. I meant his wardrobe, as in his clothes. LOL
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