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  1. Hi! BTW his wardrobe is what he wears. The only way you have never seen it is if you have never seen him. How are you today?
  2. I am a girl. If you realize my album and the fact that I am in love with dex you could have pieced that together yourself.
  3. a lot, but i guess that's the way things go. Are you a she or a he?
  4. So... do you feel older? LOL
  5. That doesn't help. LOL I can speak some portuguese but I don't know how to use accents.
  6. I don't know sorry.
  7. My spanish teacher said on an english keyboard you need to press alt164 but it isn't working on the forum. Do you have a method on how to get those things on an english keyboard?
  8. it depends of what languague your keyboad is set up...that kind of letter is typical of spanish keyboards.
  9. Do you know how to get the ~ over the n?
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